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Manufacturing Corrugated Board, Single Face Rolls and Converted Paper Products

Corrugated Sheetboard

With the emphasis today on waste reduction, our Corrugated Board products contain a minimum of 80% recycled content and in many instances 100% recycled base papers.

Our Corrugated board is available in ‘B’, ‘C’ single wall and ‘BC’ double wall flute profiles. Our board is produced with either standard or heavy weight waste based flutings.

Single Wall Double Wall
Minimum width off corrugator 200mm 200mm
Maximum trimmed width 2165mm 2150mm
Minimum length off corrugator 600mm 700mm
Maximum length 3980mm 3980mm

We can cut to smaller dimensions with additional slitting – please enquire for further details.

Corrugated board grades
White Top/Test

Pads in all board grades and flutes
Multi scoring

We also manufacture our unique slit-scored board as an alternative to polystyrene or foam “U” shaped profiles – ideal for edge protection of panels, doors etc.

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Converted Paper

Corrugated Sheetboard

Single Face Corrugated

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