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John Roberts Paper & Packaging

Manufacturing Corrugated Board, Single Face Rolls and Converted Paper Products

John Roberts Paper
& Packaging

  • Established over 130 years
  • Independent supplier of a broad range of paper packaging products
  • Unique offer of both corrugated and converted paper products
  • Corrugated sheetboard, pads and rolls
  • Wide range of grades and formats

Your independent converted paper & corrugated products supplier

John Roberts is a long established, independent supplier of converted paper and corrugated packaging products based in Settle, North Yorkshire.

We offer a unique combination of paper based products to box makers, industrial end-users and packaging merchants for further conversion, process and packaging applications, utilising recycled and sustainably sourced papers.

As a dedicated independent sheetfeeder we focus solely on servicing our sheetplant customers without competitive conflict of interest. We are small enough to provide a highly tailored, individual service with an approach which is flexible and friendly, yet we offer a wide range of products at competitive prices.

This flexible, individual approach combined with our depth of knowledge and broad product range enables us to offer a comprehensive solution-based approach to our customers’ process and/or packaging needs.

So whether you are an independent sheet plant looking for a dedicated sheetboard supplier, a merchant looking for a broad range of packaging products or a commercial end user looking for product protection, interleaving, or a paper medium to support your production process requirements, we would welcome your enquiry.

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Converted Paper

Corrugated Sheetboard

Single Face Corrugated

Why choose us:

A unique portfolio of corrugated and converted paper products
Competitive and cost effective
A truly independent supplier
A flexible and friendly approach
Individual and personal service
Long established and dependable
Extensive knowledge and experience
Flexible distribution via own dedicated fleet
Bespoke solution provider for converted papers
Serving merchants, box maker and industrial end user markets